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Repeater Status       

 FrequencyOffsetPL ToneCallsignLocationNotes
   440.550 +5MHz141.3KC2LEB/R Times Square, ManhattanLINKED - P25
445.125-5MHz141.3KC2GOW/R Todt Hill, Staten IslandLINKED - P25
 147.315  +600KHz 118.8 KC2GOW/R Todt Hill, Staten IslandLINKED
 Hudson County, New Jersey UNLINKED - P25
 224.100  -1.6MHz  141.3 KC2GOW/R  Grymes Hill, Staten Island LINKED*
 53.830 -1MHz136.5KC2GOW/R  Todt Hill, Staten Island  LINKED* 
 927.7000 902.037588.5**KC2GOW/R  Todt Hill, Staten Island  LINKED* - P25


147.315, 445.125, 440.550 are linked together providing CITY-WIDE coverage between them. P25 NAC is 293 on all machines displaying P25 in their notes.

445.125 is on the DV4-Mini P25 reflector PCS002-84 (NY-NJ Regional) and 440.550 will be joining the network shortly for citywide linked P25 coverage.


*53.830 / 224.100 / 927.7000 are linked together separate from VHF/UHF.

**PL-100.0 for TSQL on output.

(All Repeaters are otherwise FULLY FUNCTIONAL)


 Estimated System Coverage Map



VOIP Status:  

EchoLink Access is **OFF**  Use "KC2GOW-R" Node #103542


The Staten Island Repeater System serves the following Amateur Radio User Groups....

 KC2GOW-R EchoLink Node #103542 ***OFF***

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