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June 2017,

Field Day 2017...June 24, 25

Locate a Field Day Operation HERE and have FUN!

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July 12, 2011 

Finally put together a report on RECWA Field Day 2011.....

2011 Field Day at WW2FD (4A ENY)
Regional Emergency Communications and Weather Association

This year I attended the RECWA site again. Planning started during last years field day. Two informal meetings were held prior to the event. Lessons were learned from notes made during setup, operation and breakdown last year. The mix of talents within the group lends to delegation of specific individual tasks and group tasks.

We arrived at the site before the rain showed up and unloaded the four truck loads of equipment. The two 10' x10' tents were set up and then we proceeded to set up antennas and feedlines.
While eating dinner at the local steak house Friday evening, the sky's let out a torrential downpour.

Several different antennas were available between two operating positions.

Antenna selection and setup was based on past years experience.
A new G5RVand last years cut 40m and 80m Dipoles were set up between some tall trees with a new 32 foot mast for center support instead of 24 feet.
Cushcraft R4000 Vertical for 20m thru 6m.
NVIS Buddipole for 40m.
I ran some coax to my truck to use my ATAS-100 40m to 2m Mobile antenna with my Yaesu FT-100d at the Tent.
Russ used his 108" whip on his truck with the SGC tuner and a tail from the antenna thrown up into a tree for use down to 160m
6 meters had the Cushcraft 5 element beam with 2m/440 & 3 elements on top of the CD-45 Rotor
A dual-band j-pole for local repeater use mounted on a tripod.
New this year was the addition of a Satellite Antenna for the "Birds" (AO-50 was down)

Radios were Yaesu FT-857, FT-100D, FT-847, Icom IC-746-pro, IC-7000, IC-706 IIg

After breakfast on Saturday we spent the morning testing antennas and tweaking the operating positions, setting up the Network, Radios, Power System and, most important, the Mess Tent.

The Honda EU2000i generators were topped off, checked out and warmed up. We only used one generator for all of the operation and it used only 3.5 gallons of fuel. The 1 gallon tank in the EU2000i is refilled by siphon from a custom design 6 gallon auxiliary tank. A special gas cap replaces the factory cap and it siphons fuel into the generator allowing for continuous operation. The second generator is a backup or can be paralleled to produce 4000 watts of power.

Pure Lead batteries provided clean DC power to the Garage Ops where the network equipment runs on 13.8 volts. These were kept charged by power supplies. 

Each operating position had its own DC Power supply fed by the generator 110

A common ground wire was run between operating positions and to a ground rod.
A trip to the local supermarket to pick up last minute items for the menu before keydown, and fill the auxiliary fuel tank.
After a ceremonial start, Field Day 2011 was begun.

The Smoker was lit and the Ribs were started and "CQ Field Day, Whiskey Whiskey Two Food Day 2011" echoed through the site.
John N2NSA manned the Grill for dinner service, Everyone pitched in serving up the steaks, ribs, chili, and sides.

The different operating positions between the Tent and Garage gave the flexibility to experiment with different antennas on different radios.
Computer logging was used at each operating position. A logging server was set up and both WiFi and wired networking were used. Paper logs were kept as well and in between operating and filling our faces, the paper logs were transcribed. This worked well to minimize dupes.

A few operational glitches to note. RF got into some of the network cabling. It was fixed and logging worked flawlessly. The PSK31 station had software issues and RF into cabling . A re-install and re-orientation of cables had PSK31 on the air.
The N3FJP Logging Network also helped operators avoid working on the same band at the same time and keep within our class of operation, 4A. We took turns operating, sleeping, eating, and generally enjoying the weekend.

Breakdown went as smoothly and as methodical as expected, the reverse order of setup. Knocked down and loaded up, Everyone left a few pounds heavier than they arrived.

WW2FD Operators/Participants were:
Charlie WA2GUG
John N2NSA
Chris KC2YYZ
Jeff N2WRO
Paul K2BQ

Notes for next year;

Try to set up sound card digital modes in Tent Ops ie: SSTV/FSTV(70cm) HAM CAM?, WSJT Meteor Scatter (6m/2m)
WEB Cam for site ?
Kidnap GOW for CW OPs (will reward with food)
More operating = more points (not conducive to maintaining minimum weight requirement for participation)

Feel Free to add Notes in your reply..........................

While we missed having Joe KB2JOE with us this year, He was there in spirit. See you next year Joe!
What made Field Day successful was the participation of everyone involved. Sure, you could do Field Day many different ways, but would you have as much fun as we did?


June 30, 2011

Today I Uploaded the pics from the RECWA Field Day in Upstate New York. Had a great time again! Friends, Food and Fun !  Attending this years festivities were Charlie WA2GUG, John N2NSA, Russ KC2LSB, Jeff N2WRO, Chris KC2YYZ, and myself KC2LEB. This year we missed having Joe KB2JOE and wish his better half a speedy recovery. Paul K2BQ stopped by to visit and racked up a bunch of points as an overnight phone op. Great Job! The weather was not too bad and neither were the bugs. Setup went as planned with a few additional feet added to the dipole supports. The usual gremlins popped up and were quickly dealt with. Computer logging was a great tool, and the network and server worked well. Over all, another success ! More to follow....check out the pics here.    

June 2011

Busy Month Ahead !!!! KC2GOW Back up and running at full capability.

April 16, 2011

Installed and tweaked. Link is not working correctly. Controller or Link Radio issues? 

April 12, 2011

Worked on LEB repeater some more today. Time to get it to the site. Waiting on the weather. 

April 9, 2011

Wired up the controller to the backplane today. I'm not happy with the audio yet. Works ok on the bench, more tweaking and testing. 

April 8, 2011

The Mastr II Tuned up ok. RX sensitivity around .27 microvolts @ -12db SINAD. Put an AR squared pre-amp on an go to .12 Microvolts. too much white noise, I'll have to pad it. TX will do 115 Watts but its rated for 75 continuous out so we'll crank it down to 70 into the duplexer gives us 55 out to the antenna.

April 6, 2011

Picked up the "New" spare repeater today. GE Mastr II UHF 75 watt station. 

April 2, 2011

Sourced a replacement Repeater. Need to pick it up, install the crystals, tune it and test it.

March 30, 2011 

Big Apple Traffic Net is at a loss. Backup Plan....No Repeater and most traffic comes in via IRLP or Echolink from various liaisons. Limited to EchoLink for now.....  

March 29, 2011

A site visit to check things out. A spare RX and controller were no use. Time to Re-Group 

March 25, 2011

Murphy is in town. Things were just looking up too. A Lightning Discharge or Static Burst took out the 440.550 Repeater. The Reciever and Link are Down.

February 5, 2011

This week, the Big Apple Traffic Net moved to the SI Repeater System. Thanks to Everyone for the support! 

The SI Repeater System currently consists of two UHF repeaters linked full time and are capable of independent operation if needed. These UHF Repeaters have very good coverage centered on Staten Island out to about 45 miles of Mobile and 20 Miles of HT coverage. There are overlaps in coverage in some areas. Your mileage may vary......

EchoLink access to the system is through KC2LEB-R Node # 132967 

Charlie / WAGUG made arrangements for us to utilize the East Coast IRLP Reflector thanks to Cory Dean N3FE 

Mo / NY2SI set up IRLP Node #8327 to connect automatically from 8 o'clock to 9 o'clock  Monday to Friday.


January 17, 2011

Thanks to Mo NY2SI we now have use of an IRLP Node to link with. This lets us connect multiple repeaters and extend the coverage dynamically.

January 15, 2011

SK Barry N2NYD

November 14, 2010

Testing of an IRLP node is in the Planning Stages.

 *----Content Deleted----* 

Might set up a Swap & Shop page or even better, how about a 'NET ?

November 6, 2010....

 Published Brand New Web Site for the BIG APPLE TRAFFIC NET @  http://bigappletrafficnet.webs.com/

October 2010.....

The Link has been established. KC2GOW/R 445.125 and KC2LEB/R 440.550 have been linked together FINALLY ! The coverage area of each machine has virtually doubled now. A little tweaking needs to be done yet, but it is functional and sounds great !

The KC2LEB EchoLink connection is available to the KC2GOW Repeater now ! 

It's been in planning and aquisition stages for a while and Andy and I finally got the time to get it done.Linking is in the construction phase. Stay tuned !!!  

June 2010.......

Big Apple Traffic Net Moving back to KC2RA Repeater June 5 2010 

April 2010....

  Due to issues with KC2RA Repeater the Big Apple Traffic Net will be held on the KC2LEB Repeater until further notice.

Echolink is fully functional on 550.

    March 2010


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